Growing Real Christmas Trees

Growing Real Christmas Trees

Christmas is a truly spellbinding time of year and the tree is no exception.

The tree is at the heart of Christmas celebrations: it is the gathering place for presents and the focal point of Christmas morning delight. So, bring more magic into your home by using a real tree and dressing it in finery appropriate for its role, whether it's a traditional 8ft stunner or a modern affair fit for a city apartment.⁠ ⁠ Our good friend Vincent Thurkettle shared his thoughts about real Christmas Trees.⁠

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"I've got 16 species of nesting birds, 3 species of deer, foxes, and badges and it's just great to work amongst the Christmas trees. Tonnes of wildflowers. It's a beautiful environment. It's almost selfishness - It does the local community good, and wildlife but it's mostly for me. I want to live and work in a magical and high-quality environment. Real Christmas trees can bring a lot of positive impact into our lives."⁠

Vincent Thurkettle - Talking about Growing Real Christmas Trees

"Most of my life I've lived and worked in woodlands and it is hard to say why really, I just love them. They feel like home. I like the trees, I like the seasons. In some way, trees are a metaphor for the seasons. You have the spring, you have the summer, you have the winter. And it's a lovely way to live. Working with woods, forests, and Christmas trees you embrace the seasons and live then."

You can visit Vincent and his trees here: